accent dance: identity

We are committed to bringing the highest quality of dance education programming to New York City school children

Accent Dance is an arts education program operating under the charitable foundation known as the Erwin and Isabelle Ziegelman Foundation, a 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation started in 1988. The Foundation has regularly supported music and arts programs since its inception. Accent Dance is focused on bringing dance and music programs to New York City public school children.

Through a unique collaboration of artists, we are committed to educating students about various dance forms and how dance and music convey feelings, ideas, and the importance of human interconnection and communication. This is particularly important in a world driven by technology and social media.

Our mission is to broaden each child’s education, improve cognitive skills and learning, and celebrate the rich cultural history of our students and of the world beyond, building bridges among people through the universal mediums of movement and music.

Accent Dance is comprised of a multicultural and multilingual team of top-tier professional dancers and teaching artists. The artists have backgrounds with such prestigious professional dance companies such as Alvin Ailey, the Cuban National Ballet, New Jersey Ballet, and Dance Theatre of Harlem. Each member of the Accent Dance team also is an experienced teaching artist.


Accent Dance is committed to bringing the highest level of professional performances directly into each public school we serve, working closely with school administrators, teachers, and students to create a memorable experience for everyone. The performances celebrate the diversity of our artists as well as the richly diverse community around us -- with dances combining elements of ballet, tango, contemporary dance, salsa, hip hop, African and Afro-Cuban drumming, and other dance and musical genres as well.

Accent Dance also offers dance instruction to students during school hours, with an emphasis on professional development, literacy components, and an academic-based curriculum tailored to the student body in question, and the specific educational needs being served. We also provide select dance scholarships, and the opportunity for students in participating schools to perform at the end of the residency program, as well as to attend a professional stage performance.


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