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Accent Dance NYC would like to thank the generous supporters who make our programs possible. If you would like to help make dance education accessible to underserved youth and communities, please visit our support page by clicking the button below:

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Our programming is made possible in part by generous grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and ArtsWestchester, as well as by generous donations from individual supporters. Most recently, we were awarded $24,590 from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and $60,000 by the New York State Council on the Arts, with Governor Hochul recognizing the creative work of Accent Dance NYC which “provides the benefits of the arts to both their community and all of New York” while further being at “the cornerstone of our vibrant arts economy.”

Over $10,000

Doug and Gay Lane


Gary and Matt Adler
Sergio and Emily Aguilar
Bonnie Arquilla
Berdon LLP
Jane and Michael Carmody
Shaun Covington
Richard and Jennie DeScherer
Andrea Dickerson
Elizabeth and Kevin Fee, Esqs.
Leigh Goldman
Glenn and Michelle Goldstein
Sharee Gregg
Benjamin and Nadia Heldfond
Todd Hollander
Todd Katz
Kami Morasco Lacki and Irek Lacki
Timothy Lee
Joel and Ginger Mirrer
Eugene and Frances Porcaro
Michael and Linda Purvis
Adam Richards and Claudia Cantarella
Richard Rodgers Foundation, Adam Guettel
Lee Rauch and George Young
David Rubinstein
John Silverman
Dr. Karen Lin Su
Elie Tahari
John Teitler, Esq.
Sydney and Dana Thayer
Michael Trenk
Heather Wanderer and family
George and Suzanne Zilvetti


Alton Abramowitz, Esq.
Bernard Atlus
Felice Axelrod
Samantha Beckerman
Stephanie Berger
Sari Bernando
Mark Bessler
Bridget Bettke
Cheyne Beys
Ann Biderman
Thomas Bittlemann
Brigette Blaise-Shamai
Cathie Arquilla and Tom Bricker
Arturo Brillembourg
Andrew and Caitlin Brooks
Dawn Cardi, Esq.
Dr. Michael Carrera and June Carrera
Suzie and Reina Celis
Silvia Cells
Robert Chapman
Angela Chi
Alison Clark
Jan Cohen
Dan Colleton
The Honorable Matthew Cooper
David and Karen Cornman
Patricia Costanzo
Monica Deane
Tara Diamond
Jay Dinowitz
Peter Drumsta
Dawn Dunckley
Doris Eugenio
Melissa Eustace
Katie Fee
Sarah Feeley
Jill Feldman
Dr. Jacqueline Ferraro
Leroy Frazer
Myra Freed, Esq.
Allison Frost
Coralie Gallet
Salli Garrigan
George Gates
Dr. Saadi Ghatan and Courtney Ghatan
Michael D. Goldman
James Gomiela
Dawn Gregg
Ilene Gropper
Kobi Gulersen
Barbara Handschu, Esq.
Chauncey Harrison
Amy Harte
Norman Heller, Esq.
Larry Henriques
Allison Herron
Laura Hertzog
Domenick Igneri and Carrie Weber
Gloria Isabel
Daniel Johnson and Christina Coleman
Avery Johnson
Karen Johnson
Ann Jones
Sharene and Matthew Jones
Spence Jones
Susan Jones
Sumi Kang
Linda Kirkpatrick
Michael Kossoff
Amy Krassner
Melissa LaBonte
Gigi Lai
Fran Lambert
Maria Larsen
John Levitsky
Romina and Jerry Levy
Steven Liesman and Karen Dukess
Mary Crotty and Dan Livingston
Paul Lountzis
Paul Maggio
Anne Mahoney
Lisa Mandi
Melanie Marino
Robin Mayer
Isabel Burns McAleer
Meridian Risk Management
Michael and Monica Montavon
Diana Morse
Ilene and Robert Moses, Esq.
Shawn Munsell
Peggy Nicholson
Barbara Fee-Olsen and Eric Olsen
Maurice Owen-Michaane
Robert Polifka
Gayle and Everett Potter
Katherine Pringle, Esq. and John McCormick
The Honorable Diane Renwick and the Honorable Rob Johnson
Heidi and Jason Rosenfarb
Lawrence Sage
Stephen Sands
Philip Scharper
Sandra Schpoont
Sherri Schubert
Gary Sitomer
Anindita Sinha
Stacie Schmidt Stylates
Elise Nahknikian and Steve Gittelson
Pamela Sloan and Stephen May
Karen Teller
Gabrielle Tullman
Robert Earl Turner
Terrence Turner
Craig Vosburg
Robert Votruba
Alicia Walton
Peter Wallace
Dr. Sara Weiss
Matthew Wempel
Cathryn Williams
Maritza and Richard Wiliamson, Esq.
Deborah Winstead
Elizabeth Wolgemuth
Nayeehma Woods and Tamaykia Brown
Margaret Yawman
Crystyn Wright
Elise Zealand
Monica Ziegelman

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